Battledots is a fast-paced strategy game, where you attack the opponent and defend your base … with dots!

Singleplayer with over 100 Levels and Endless Mode

+ Local and Cross-Platform Online Multiplayer

Dots, dots, dots!

There are over 15 different dots with unique abilities. Each one has its own unique abilities that will aid or hurt you in battle.


Battle your friends on one Device! Perfect for Tablets!


Play against your friends or players all over the world, independent from their device, all plattforms are compatible to each other (iOS, Android and WP8).


Try to survive as long as possible and get the Highscore and compete with your friends or players all over the world!

„I love the simple style and music, and the controls are easy enough. The gameplay itself is unique, fast-paced, and challenging, which rewards strategy and punishes those who don’t plan ahead.“ 4.5/5 

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