In Tappy Sky Aliens are attacking our planet, but they have definitely chosen the wrong one… get in your plane and fight them back!

Tappy Sky is a unique combination of shoot em up and clicker game. Navigate your plane with the popular one tap flappy controls trough endless waves of Aliens. Upgrade your plane to fight against stronger getting enemies.

Take a little break from the exhausting Alien hunt and mine valuable resources to earn money. Use it to upgrade your plane and mining equipment.

But wait, there’s more! Unlock over 80 different pilots with different abilities, absolve missions for awesome rewards, go prestige to gain permanent damage and money boosts, compete in endless mode with friends and players from over the world for the Highscore!

◉ Simple one tap controls, challenging gameplay
◉ 80 different pilots to unlock
◉ Upgrade your plane and mining machines
◉ Highscore-Mode
◉ Many different enemies and bosses
◉ Missions
◉ Prestige Mode
◉ Achievements and Leaderboards

Tappy Sky Gameplay Tappy Sky Gameplay Tappy Sky Gameplay Mining Scene Player Select Screen Upgrade Plane Panel

Reviews & Articles A simple shooter with a screen-poking twist (7/10) Snapp Review Tappy Sky for Windows 10 tasks you with battling alien invaders to save the planet (3.5/5)

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