Battledots Presskit

Game Description

The goal is to attack your opponent’s base with so-called “dots” while at the same time you need to protect your base from enemy attacks. You can choose from 15 totally different dots, providing their own special abilities.

Over 100 levels are making it easy for novice strategists to quickly access the game, while the higher levels are challenging in a way that even the most experienced warhorses will reach their limits. And in infinity mode, it’s your mission to withstand continuous waves of attacks as long as possible

Battledots offers also two exciting multiplayer modes. In the local multiplayer mode, two players are fighting face to face on one device. In addition, Battledots comes with a cross-platform online multiplayer mode. Challenge friends to a Battledots duel no matter which device they are using – iOS, Android and Windows Phone are supported.

Battledots will be available on 29.04.2015 in all popular app stores supporting iOS, Android and Windows Phone for as low as $ 0.99

Feature Overview

• Over 100 Levels
• 15 different Dots with unique abilities
• Endless-Mode with Leaderboard
• Local Multiplayer: Play against a friend on one Device!
• Cross-Platform Online-Multilplayer

About Us

KM-Games is an two man indie game studio based in Bavaria, Germany. We started developing (mobile) games in 2014.

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