Battledots beta Gamejolt / iOS

We are getting closer to the Release! 🙂 You can play the latest beta here: Beta-Testflight for iOS is also available! If you want to participate just send us your e-mail address with the contact box below. [h2]Comment, Request & Bug Report[/h2] [feedback email=’’] [space] [share_buttons]

Battledots beta

We are currently running a beta test for Battledots. If you want to try it out, can play it here: If you want to try it on your iOS Device. Send us your e-mail with the comment box below. [h2]Comment, Request & Bug Report[/h2] [feedback email=’’] [space] [share_buttons]


We want to present you our next Game: Battledots Battledots is an strategic arcade Game where you fight your opponent with several Dots with different abilities. It`s currently in developement and we plan to release it in the next few months for iOS, Android and WP8. More Details will follow soon!  

Play Spin Points on Facebook

You can now play Spin Points on Facebook! Challenge your Friends to beat your Highscore!

Our next Game: Spin Points

We are currently finshing our next Game: Spin Points. It will feature: • Simple Controls • 60 Level • 2 additional Game Modes • Global Leaderboard • Unique Graphics • and the best: It`s completely FREE and without any Ads!   Available on 17.11.2014 for iOS, Android and WP8 Devices. [photo height=’225′ width=’400′ link=’’ icon=’play’…
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Play our Games in your Browser!

We have now added a Web-Version of all our Games to our Website! Choose the Game you want to play, then click on the link: “Try it out! Play it in your Browser!” Have fun!

Memory Runner and Choco Rain now also available for Windows Phone 8

We release today our first two Games now also for Windows Phone 8. You can download it here: Choco Rain: Memory Runner:

Rompy Run

We released a new Game: Rompy Run. It`s a fun running Game and is available for Android and Windows Phone 8. iOS will follow “shortly” 🙂 Try it out and let us know what you think: Android: WP8:

Stargates now available for Windows Phone 8

We released today our next Game: Stargates This time we released it first for Windows Phone. The Android and iOS Version will follow shortly 😉

Spataps now also for Windows Phone 8!

Good News for every Windows Phone User! We started releasing our Games now also for Windows Phone;) The first Game we release is Spataps. Compared to the other platforms it doesn`t include a Leaderboard yet, but this will probably added in the future.