Kings – Card Swiping Decision Game Asset

Ever wanted to create your own King/Dictator/Leadership or any other decision based simulation game? Here is the complete kit for this!

Web-Demo | The Mayor Web-Demo | Android-Demo | Documentation | Forum

• easy to reskin and modify
• different decision / result types
• unlimited number of stats/factions
• complex value system
• persistent values
• card import / export feature, to easily edit text in Excel
• card styles, allows quick editing of the card design
• Achievements & Highscore System
• Life summarization (Game Logger)
• Character Name Generation
• Decision Results Preview
• Supports: I2 Localization, Hyper Card, ShaderO, Unity Ads, Google Play Games and iOS Gamecenter*
• Documentation and commented C# code
• Full working game example, release-ready without any coding experience
• Optimized for mobile, but works for all others platforms with mouse/touch input
• and much more!

* iOS Gamecenter support requires a separate Plugin

Asset Store Link: