Hungry Eaters Presskit

Game Description

Experience the ultimate version of the classic Snake game! Re-imagined with beautiful 3D voxel graphics, new gameplay features and over 80 different characters in 20 exciting worlds.

Eat as much food as you can! If you reach your body limit, you will speed up. Let your body parts hit by moving obstacles to remove them, but be cautious if you hit your head it’s over!

Level Up and unlock new Abilities, collect more characters to increase your score multiplier. Useful Power-Ups will help you to maximize your score and compete in the Leaderboards with your friends and player all over the world.

Feature Overview

– Over 80 different Characters in 20 Worlds
– Level & Skill System
– Daily Challenges
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Record & Share your Gameplay
– 4 different Control-Schemes

About Us

KM-Games is an two man indie game studio based in Bavaria, Germany. We started developing mobile games in 2014.



Gameplay Trailer

Screenshots / Images



screen3 hungryeaters-2016-11-03-18-05-05-11-avi_snapshot_00-19_2016-11-04_11-36-20 screen6 screen5 screen4