Road Rush Racer Presskit

Game Description

Ignore all speed limits and traffic rules!

Behind the steering wheel of various cars, you will have to make your way through heavy traffic. Keeping calm is paramount for this endeavour as colliding with another car means Game Over. The further you progress in the game, the more difficult it will get to find a gap in the traffic and steer onwards without an accident.

Even though the simple “one tap” controls, the dynamic driving physics make it possible to accurately control your car. Additionally, there are three mighty power-ups: nitro boost, time slow, and bombs which allow you to master even the most difficult situations.

Over 40 different vehicles are available. Players can choose between old timers, sports cars and even tanks. You can unlock the different cars with in-game currency earned by playing the game or watching advertisement videos. Alternatively it is possible to unlock all vehicles at once for a one-time fee of $ 1.99. Aside from this, there are no other advertisements or in-app purchases.

Feature Overview

• One Tap Gameplay: Tap to change direction
• Over 40 Cars with different Attributes
• Benchmark Mode: Test how fast your Phone is and compare it with your friends
• Awesome Graphics and Driving Physics
• Many different Environments and Weather Effects
• Bomb, Nitro Boost and Time-Slow Power-Ups
• Record and Share your Gameplay!
• Several Options let you customize the game the way you like it

About Us

KM-Games is an two man indie game studio based in Bavaria, Germany. We started developing mobile games in 2014.



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